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Terms and Conditions

The website http://www.simplifiedws.com/ and name SimplifiedWS belongs to us and in no way is to be used biasedly and unconditionally. These are the terms and conditions to which you and every other client are bound. Your acknowledgement to these terms and conditions begins when you start using this website. The term terms and conditions can be used interchangeably with terms of service as well.


While being served by SimplifiedWS you agree to the following conditions regarding attribution and acknowledgment:

  1. You provide attribution to SimplifiedWS for preparing your website or generating any content.
  2. You provide attribution to SimplifiedWS for all webpages and results where we have worked.

Fees & Services

A part of our fee shall be paid in advance unless otherwise stated. The part payment is due immediately when you instruct us to begin work. Your intent shall induce your obligation to provide part payment of our fee.

The remaining fee shall be due over the course of our contract or at the end. Under no circumstances can you withhold any part of our fee after the work is completed. It is stated that SEO is not a guaranteed field and results may vary. Also, rejection of work or non-approval does not solely reside with you.

Content Generation

It is important that you provide us materials required for us to complete the work in best possible way. You shall have to supply us information and ready knowledge of your firm or the task needed. Content generation, SEO, web development and any other needed task shall be performed by us. Under no circumstance can you blame late submission of work or slow progress of work on us if the material supplied by you was delayed.

Changes and Variations

We understand that you might not like the first design or the first draft of new content on your website. We are happy to make variations to the task completed; however, you need to clearly state your purpose beforehand. We might not be able to make big changes if the task completed is in accordance with the contract.

Third Party Liability

It is important that you secure one point of contact that is available on a daily or weekly basis as specified to answer queries and approve frames and content. If the delay is by your side then as per these terms of services you cannot take action against us. There is feedback required during development phase in an on-going manner.

Search Engine Optimization

There is no guaranteed position that your website will rank on. We provide you with SEO and other digital marketing options with a goal to place your website on the top rankings. However, if we have followed standard SEO practices then you cannot hold us liable for a lower ranking.

Additionally, any loss accrued because of a lower rank shall not be made liable to us. We are not responsible for any loss that you suffer because of our work or lack thereof.


We at SimplifiedWS reserve the right to hire a contractor in order to complete your work. Under these terms we are allowed to share your data and materials with the sub-contractor to the limit that the sub-contractor completes the tasks given. Under no circumstances shall we sell or misuse any of your information. However, if there is an anomaly at the sub-contractors side then we shall not be held liable. Also, you might not be told if a sub-contractor is hired expressly.


You are responsible to maintaining your own website back-ups. We shall not claim responsibility to restore your data until and unless the loss occurred due to a mistake on our part.


In case of web development, ownership and account credentials pertaining to domain name registration or web hosting shall be made available to you only when you reimburse the fee in full for the same. You cannot hold us responsible for providing all details before you have made the complete payment.

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