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At Simplified WS we have the experience to understand the working of a business. Our tried and tested approach of developing an ecommerce site works on a global level. Our clients have been known to appreciate our work because we provide results that show.  The success of an ecommerce website lies equally on both website and SEO. The Simplified WS team is proficient with both.

Update existing and creating new

Simplified WS has the experience and technology required to develop e-commerce websites which work. Our technical team is geared up with their tools to create a new website or optimize and upgrade your existing one. Many times you face yourself with low search engine rankings even after shelling out massive amounts on your ecommerce website. We believe that every website has a chance with proper optimization, upgrade and regular maintenance. Simplified WS ensures that we can turn around any website and make it a money making machine for you.

Simplified WS deliversgreater traffic

The workings and expectations from an ecommerce website are different from regular sites. An ecommerce website needs regular traffic which is possible only via SEO friendly framework. Many search engines fail to show results because an e-commerce site has been optimized like regular sites. With Simplified WS you can be sure of receiving results and rankings which you expect.

Providing results that speak for themselves

Dynamic nature of an ecommerce website requires constant updating and monitoring. The feasibility of an ecommerce site can be seen from its search rankings. We ensure high search rankings by inserting Meta tags, rewriting URL and utilizing bread crumbs and Google analytics. We ensure that any additions or deletions to your product line are done immediately so that your customers never have a reason to complain.

We always keep an eye on your ecommerce website

Simplified WS ensures that you never have stale data on your website. Our constant monitoring ensures that your product listing is always up to date. We have a dedicated team which works tirelessly to SEO optimize your website and deliver on the results which you expect. Simplified WS ensures that your e-commerce website ranks higher on popular search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google.

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