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Do not be fooled by clubbing usual SEO services with e-commerce SEO services. An e-commerce website is a far cry from regular sites. Special tactics and techniques are needed to create a brand visibility in this crowded sector. Simplified WS is experienced in handling such cases.

Get noticed within 6 months

With e-commerce being the current rage the search engines are over-burdened with almost every business. Your business deserves to attract more attention than it receives and with Simplified WS you can make it happen.

We can get you the results and rankings that show and matter within the shortest turnaround time. How do we do it? Simple! We dedicate a team to analyze your business and competitors. With our experience rich strategies we get you noticed.

E-commerce sites are different than regular websites

The dynamism and fast changes which happen with an ecommerce website is tremendous. With continuous upgrade or change of products, features and prices listed you need an SEO provider who can keep up with them. Simplified WS is known to think and act quickly.

We can keep current with your business and product listing changes as and when it happens. We are also equipped to make changes to ongoing SEO strategies to keep it in pace with the results expected.

Do you want to make your website earn money?

Your e-commerce website can make money only when people buy from it for which you need increased visitor rate. We are great with targeting keywords as per specific product groups. The parent category and separate products need unique content and they require SEO on an individual level.

Simplified WS ensures that each page of your website is monitored and altered individually keeping in mind the recurring product changes. We know the blueprint of every e-commerce site because we are in the business of creating them as well.

Simplified WS keeps you high in the rankings

Get affordable and excellent SEO help on your websites from Simplified WS because we know what we are talking about. Our clients do not leave us for a reason. It is because we put them on the search engine rankings and ensure that they stay there.

You need to get in touch with us today and have SEO for your e-commerce site underway because every moment you lose; your competitor gains another visitor.

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