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Mobile browsing is a way of life for people. With everything available as an app you do not want to be left behind with a website which looks bad on a mobile screen. Simplified WS with its technique and amazing technical capabilities can get you the mobile responsive templates of your dreams.

Break traditional web boundaries

Simplified WS can help you create mobile responsive websites which look good. Responsive designs of today have changed the traditional browsing experience. Leaving thumb dexterity behind Simplified WS has taken on the challenge of fitting relevant information in a single page. This is so that you get more across in the least.

Simplified WS works for smooth browsing experience

We offer aesthetics, convenience and user friendliness which stand out from our competitors. We believe in delivering on our promises by preparing beautiful future ready websites across various platforms. You would never find us lacking in the technical or marketing aspect. Our team is always geared up to deliver the best to you.

Fit your website on every browser operated gadget

There is a whole new world which is exciting as well as demanding in the new arena of mobile platforms. People are excessively restless and impatient wanting information on the go. Do not get left behind or pushed under the crowd. Simplified Web Solutions is here to protect your interests by giving you the power in your palm. Our mobile responsive solutions are sure to benefit your business.

Simplified WS delivers expectations

We work to go beyond by ensuring the mobile responsiveness of your website. We hope to achieve this by concentrating on navigation at different locations as per the browser width. Simplified WS understands the importance of strategically placed Call to Action buttons.

We would use the best approach suited to your business. However, we will achieve the best response to your responsive websites by placing proper hierarchy of information on the page after correct spacing. We also understand that the standard width should be of 3 – 4 so as to reflect brands of all sizes.

Simplified WS is all about developing and delivering brand conscious and innovative websites. We deliver mobile responsive websites which offer higher traffic and better conversion rates.

Contact us today to receive efficient service effortlessly and smoothly. User friendly mobile segments are our belief at Simplified Web Solutions.

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