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Every online website wants traffic. However, many lose out in this race because they do not target relevant audience. Simplified WS is an experienced PPC Management firm which can provide you with an increased targeted audience to your website. We know that PPC is good for searches, search engines and its is great for business.

Change your stats within hours of a PPC launch

Simplified Web Solutions is proficient with both Google adwords and Bing ads. Depending on your location our personalized strategies will provide you with an approach that will result in maximum ROI. SEO is about saying and speaking where you have targeted an approach. This leads to a narrow outlook. With PPC you can target a wider audience with extra refined keywords.

PPC approach works to get your audience to find you!

Google Display Network or GDN is the most cost effective strategy there is and lets your business be viewed by millions. The GDN places your ads on a variety of networks and works in the same way as Adsense. Simplified WS has an inherent knowledge about both GDN and Google Adsense which is great for you.

Get more done with remarketing

Did you know that cookies can help you with remarketing? Cookies track your audience who has visited your site once to target them with ads when they go to other websites. This keeps your business on the fore front and has them coming back for more. Now isn’t that the perfect marketing strategy?

Never forget Mobile Optimization

With Simplified WS you get all of this at an affordable and measurable cost. We also ensure that you do not lose by missing out on mobile. Our Mobile PPC strategies have resulted in a year on year growth where site traffic and volume is concerned.

Simplified WS ensures that with our PPC approach you get instant and immediate visibility. We want you to get visitors who convert and we will do this by the right keyword research which will have you high up on both Google SERP and Google search network.

So do not lose out on our fantastic and tailor made strategies. Schedule a call with us right away so that we can get your business seen.

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