3 Top SEO Trends to Follow in 2020

Search engine optimization has been practiced by businesses for years. 

Focused on increasing the ranking of business website on search engines, SEO has exponentially evolved and being practiced worldwide by many small businesses of different niches like automotive, fashion, development, sports, etc.

However, the truth is…

You are out of the league, if you are not keeping up with the latest SEO.

You need to keep a regular eye on rapidly changing SEO trends, and optimized your website as per the latest search engine guidelines in order to rank on top and gain new customers in a natural way.

Listed hereunder are the top five SEO trends that businesses need to follow in 2020 if they want to achieve better outcomes from their SEO marketing.

1. On-page SEO and Quality Content

Starting with the basics, on-page SEO is quite important if you want to keep up with your competition on Google, Bing and other search engine ranking results.

For years, Google has been focusing and promoting quality content. So, it becomes damn important you only create and distribute highly unique and engaging content that gains user attention and drives them to your business website.

2. Google’s Algorithm Updates

Google is one of the widely utilized search engines across the globe. Therefore, businesses target Google to gain new customers organically. 

Missing out on Google’s algorithm updates in today’s stiff competition can obviously bring your business off the track from the road to success. Here are some of the important updates to Google’s Algorithm that you must keep in mind this year

1. Hummingbird Update

2. Penguin Update

3. RankBrain Update

4. BERT Update

5. Panda Update

3. Competitor Keyword Analysis

Studying your competition is the key to success for any business whether you are running an online business or offline business.

But, when it’s about analyzing the competition in the SEO world, it all starts with keywords. Yes, you need to do a thorough keyword analysis of your competitors if you want to beat them on search engine rankings. 

Checking domain authority, website’s ranking history, and keyword strategy, etc. are a few things that you need to consider while optimizing your business website as per the latest SEO trends.

By following these SEO trends, you can definitely win big in 2020. However, you must always go for the best SEO services in India if you seriously want to make some good bucks out of it. And, when it comes to offering the top SEO services in India, Simplified Web Solutions is one of the trustworthy names in the industry.

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