E-Commerce SEO

What is e-commerce SEO? 

Ecommerce SEO (or Shop SEO) is a term used to describe the search engine streamlining process for online shops. In simple words, it’s a set of rules to apply to an e-commerce website with the goal that its search engine friendly.  E-commerce SEO is the best method to promote your online shop and lift sales. You can increase natural traffic to your e-commerce store without relying on PPC and paid to advertise.

Is e-commerce SEO different than SEO? 

The undeniable question is, what is the difference between e-commerce SEO and SEO in general?

Ecommerce SEO includes all concepts of SEO with an expansion of some guidelines that are specific to online shops that may not apply to other types of websites.  For example, for a non-commerce website, the category pages may not be so significant SEO wise, however for an e-commerce website, they are significant and need special attention. 

Another difference is blogging. An active blog has a different role to play when doing SEO for e-commerce websites and when doing SEO for non-e-commerce websites. 

Benefits of e-commerce SEO for online shops

What are the benefits of SEO for e-commerce websites? For what reason should retailers invest in SEO? 

Exposure to search engines 

An e-commerce website is, in reality, an online business. It is anything but a side interest or a website made for entertainment only, however, it’s a business that needs to make sales, benefit and develop over time. Search engines respond to a large number of queries per day and a considerable lot of them are related to e-commerce. 

Besides going directly to eBay or Amazon, a large number of people per day are utilizing search engines, and in their greater part Google, to discover an item to purchase. 

Ecommerce SEO will help you gain exposure in search engines and get a lot of traffic. 

Get high rankings for keywords that matter 

Getting traffic from search engines is the initial step yet it’s not enough. What you need is targeted traffic. Targeted natural traffic is originating from users who know exactly what they need. These users have a clear intent and they express this intend when they type a query in the search box. 

For example, when a user types “purchase HD water resistance video camera” in the search box, it has a clear intention and if you have an e-commerce site selling video cameras, it’s the type of user that will most presumably convert.

Through E-commerce SEO you will be able to identify and optimize those long-tail keywords that can get you higher rankings and make a difference to your business. 

SEO It’s the best way to create a lasting online business 

If you already have an online shop, you should realize that there are several approaches to get traffic to your website.  A well-designed SEO campaign will carry traffic to your website 24X7 for quite a long time or even years to come. 

It does take time for SEO to work however the results are lasting, creating a higher return for capital invested over the long haul, compared to some other marketing technique. 

Thus, if you need to create a business that will generate traffic individually without relying solely on paid advertising, SEO is the best approach.  SEO will help you assemble a user-friendly website 

A huge number of the concepts of SEO are related to ease of use and how you can make websites that are friendlier to both search engines and users. When you decide to receive SEO principles or hire an SEO expert to help you optimize your website, the result will be a website that is easier to use and positions higher in the search results.

SEO will help you increase your conversion rate 

Aside from helping you with getting the correct type of traffic, SEO can give you guidelines on the most proficient method to increase your conversion rate i.e. sales.  Conversion improvement is a process that takes time and requires a ton of a/b testing however it is driven by SEO principles.

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